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PRESSPAUSEPLAY, Director: David Dworsky, Victor Köhler, Sweden 2011, 80 min.

The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art or is true talent instead drowned out? This is the question addressed by PressPausePlay, a documentary film containing interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era.

Screening: 28.11.2014 | 18:00, New Horizons Cinema



SUPERUNIT, Director: Teresa Czepiec, Poland 2014, 20 min.

Superunit is a huge block of flats designed in line with Le Corbusier’s vision as a “housing machine”. This 15-storey building can accommodate up to three thousand people. The lift stops every third floor. Consequently, to reach their flats, the residents are forced to walk through a real labyrinth of corridors and stairs. The main characters of the documentary are people living in the Superunit. Here they experience the most important moments of their lives. Here their emotions throb, their expectations are born, their desires are (not) fulfilled. Seven hundred and sixty two entrance doors to seven hundred and sixty two stories. The authors introduce us to only some of them.

Screening: 29.11.2014 | 17:00, New Horizons Cinema

Lunik IX

LUNIK IX, Director: Michelle Coomber, Slovakia, United Kingdom 2011, 52 min.

In 1981 the Roma deemed “unable to adapt socially were resettled to the blocks of flats on the outskirts of Kosice. The housing estate Lunik IX soon became the largest Roma ghetto in central Europe. Behind the steel bars of the ghetto, people live in horrible conditions, cut off from the cultural and social life of the city – the European Capital of Culture 2013. The director Michelle Coomber visits Roma kindergarten and school, meeting the city’s most artistically gifted children.

Screening: 29.11.2014 | 17:00, New Horizons Cinema

Mit Pruitt-Igoe


THE PRUITT-IGOE MYTH, Director: Chad Freidrichs, USA 2011, 83 min.

The Pruitt–Igoe was a public housing complex in St. Louis, whose demolition 20 years aftre its triumphtant commissioning has become a widespread symbol of modernism architecture’s failure. The film edited from the unusual archive material and lively interviwes, is not so much a story about the decline of certain archietcural era as a social documentary about the history, politics and human rights. The Pruitt-Igoe, designed by Minoru Yamasaki (later the famed designer of the World Trade Center), was established in 1954 following the fascination with Le Courbusier’s idea of “living machines”. How was it possible for a new building complex, equipped with all the attributes of modernity, to become a symbol of the public housing’s failure a dozen years later?

Screening: 29.11.2014 | 19:00, New Horizons Cinema

Drop City


DROP CITY, Director: Joan Grossman, USA 2012, 82 min.

The history of unusual dream to start a new civilization, free from the consumer lifestyle of the 60s. Founded in 1965 in Southern Colorado, Drop City became a breeding ground for artistic and architectural experiments and DIY ethic. The space for creativity and freedom was established in line with the hippie ideology. Animations, archive materials and interwievs with the original members od the commune consist an attempt to reconstruct this counter-culture.

Screening: 30.11.2014 | 16:00, New Horizons Cinema

Oko nad Pragą

EYE OVER PRAGUE, Director: Olga Špátová, Czech Republic 2010, 78 min.

A record of the absurd events following a competition for the design of the National Library building in Prague. The winning design in the first Czech international competition and the first competition in a free country was Jan Kaplicky’s. The Czech architect, who has long been working in London, has provoked many a controversy with his futuristic designs, to mention the famous department store in Birmingham. Far ahead of its time, the library building design was dubbed the Octopus and its opponents didn’t want it to “ruin Prague’s panorama”. Meanwhile, for Kaplicky this project was everything. The tragic story of one man, one building, and one love. An extraordinary tale about a passionate and elegant architect with a clear vision of the future who has the biggest fight on his hands in Prague again.

Screening: 30.11.2014 | 18:00, New Horizons Cinema