debate: 28.11.2014 | 19:30, New Horizons Cinema | after the movie “PRESSPAUSEPLAY”


In the era of digital revolution, the creators of culture do not have to be professionals anymore. At the same time, all over the world, more and more individuals are taking responsibility for their city. The topic of social participation is on everyone’s lips. It is one of the priorities of the European Commission for the European Capital of Culture for the years 2005-2019. Involving citizens in the preparatory process constituted a valid element of Pécs’ and Wroclaw’s applications for the European Capital of Culture. How is the process of participation in the European Capital of Culture realized in practice? How do democratization and socialization processes affect the shape of culture? Do contemporary artists and culture animators need the support of patronage, government or city authorities?


człowiek_biały MICHAŁ SYSKA (Wroclaw) – a lawyer, a publicist, a social and political activist. He is a director of Ferdinand Lassale Centre for Social Thought in Wroclaw.


człowiek_biały ŁUKASZ MEDEKSZA (Wroclaw) – The Vice President of the Society of Polish Town Planners – a branch in Wroclaw. He is an organizer of the annual Metropolitan Forum and  a representative of the Lower Silesian Board in charge of the information society development.

człowiek_biały KRZYSZTOF MIESZKOWSKI (Wroclaw) – The director of the Polski Theatre in Wroclaw.

człowiek_biały TADEUSZ MINCER (Wroclaw) – a researcher, an organizer and a manager of culture, a PhD student at the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Wroclaw, an editorial secretary of a scientific magazine “Tematy z Szewskiej”. He cooperates with a number of Wroclaw NGOs. He is also a co-author of the “Civic Capital of Culture”.

człowiek_biały ZOLTAN MAJOR (Pécs) – a manager of culture and a film historian. He works for South Transdanubian Film Fund in Pécs. He is also a member of the Cultural Creative Industry Cluster and Visual Education Foundation in Pécs.