Cinema New Horizons
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a/21


Kosciuszko Square


Machina Organika
ul. Ruska 19


The Neon Side Club&Gallery

ul. Ruska 46c


Tickets can be purchased over the counter Cinemas New Horizons and online by It is not possible to book tickets. Tickets purchased can not be returned.



Full ticket – 15 zł

Reduced ticket – 13 zł

Multiple ticket – 50 zł *

Multiple tickets are available only at the box office.

Multiple tickets are personal. They are issued in the name given. Multiple ticket cannot be passed to any other person.
Multiple tickets entitle you to attend all the screenings. Single ticket price in the package is 10 PLN.
Purchasing a multiple ticket, you buy only one ticket for a specific screening. You cannot buy more than one ticket for a given screening in the package.
Multiple tickets are only valid with single tickets for screenings. A multiple ticket and tickets for screenings must be kept available for inspection.
Duplicates of any tickets will not be issued.

UATTENTION The number of multiple tickets is limited.


The entrance is free and limited only by the number of seats available in the room. Priority is given to the people with valid tickets for a screening preceding the debate.


Free entrance *

* Attention! You must register for the workshops!: